No, The Records Are Not For Sale

This is a bit of a throwback from 2013. Back then, each year, the town we lived in would have a “town-wide yard sale.” It was prime hunting grounds for scavengers looking for broken jewelry and old records to buy cheap and turn around for a few bucks. My mother, well, just read the story.Continue reading “No, The Records Are Not For Sale”

A Boy Named Kevin and the Cursed Name

Pennames, pseudonyms…they’re common among writers.  I’ve used plenty of them.  This, however, has not been limited to my writing. Let’s start with the very first announcement of my existence in this world.  They didn’t have ultrasounds back then.  You didn’t know what you were getting until the kid popped out, started screaming, and the doctorContinue reading “A Boy Named Kevin and the Cursed Name”