Lofidelic Records is opening their doors and welcoming SOUP CAN back for live music, spoken word, and art! Come out and vibe with us for the release of the latest issue of Soup Can Magazine!

Visit Soup Can’s FB Page for details.


  • June 6 Poetry and Events
    Flashback to June 6, 1999: Some highlights of the day, my favorite being the UK’s #1 Song: Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) – Baz Luhrmann. A mix of music and spoken word, absolutely worth the listen. That one’s been in my Spotify liked songs for quite some times. Meanwhile, in the US #1 Song: If You Had MyContinue reading “June 6 Poetry and Events”
  • Coffee Mate and Unrequited Love
    In May of 2016, Kelly Ann Jacobson edited and released Unrequited:  An Anthology of Love Poems about Inanimate Objects.  The anthology was well received and found a favorable review in Quail Bell Magazine. Here is just a snippet of that review: “What is also quite interesting is how each section of the anthology carries similarContinue reading “Coffee Mate and Unrequited Love”
  • A Boy Named Kevin and the Cursed Name
    Pennames, pseudonyms…they’re common among writers.  I’ve used plenty of them.  This, however, has not been limited to my writing. Let’s start with the very first announcement of my existence in this world.  They didn’t have ultrasounds back then.  You didn’t know what you were getting until the kid popped out, started screaming, and the doctorContinue reading “A Boy Named Kevin and the Cursed Name”

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