Coffee Mate and Unrequited Love

In May of 2016, Kelly Ann Jacobson edited and released Unrequited:  An Anthology of Love Poems about Inanimate Objects. 

The anthology was well received and found a favorable review in Quail Bell Magazine.

Here is just a snippet of that review:

“What is also quite interesting is how each section of the anthology carries similar tones in how the poets addressed their objects… As Ann (Kay) Kestner bluntly states at the start of her poem “Coffee Mate,” “Coffee//is the longest//committed relationship//I have ever had,” which hints at the mindset of the poet, but also creates a mood that the reader might empathize with easily.” – Alex Carrigan, Quail Bell Magazine.

You can read Alex Carrigan’s full review of Unrequited:  An Anthology of Love Poems about Inanimate Objects here.

Copies of the anthology can be purchased through Amazon.

Coffee Mate
(Published under Ann Kestner)

is the longest
committed relationship
I have ever had.

My lips
make out
with its mug
every morning, afternoon
and evening.

throughout the day
I reheat it,
blow kisses at it,
whisper I love you,
what would I do
without you.

I stopped adding sugar
years ago.  It wasn’t
a necessary ingredient
and there has never been
any saccharine
in our relationship.

I am happy even when it is decaffeinated.
That’s when you know
you really do love it.

Published by Kay Kestner

Screenwriter, poet, and prose writer.

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